Why, oh why, were the French Resistance anonymous?

Cowardly. If they had a problem with the Nazis they should have stood up and said so proudly and publicly.

And what about those people who testify against Mafia bosses. Why are they always moved to a different location and given new identities? It’s just another form of lying. If you’re going to speak up against organised crime, you and your family should move back to your own house in the same neighbourhood. What could go wrong?

And why are ‘traditional’ teachers so often anonymous on the internet. As a member of the progressive side of teaching that controls teacher training, OFSTED and the minds of many people in power who can make or break careers I can see no reason to do so. Look at Kathrine Birbalsingh, only a few years after being driven out of teaching she ended up with her own school, so it all worked out in the end.