Who works at the Education Endowment Foundation?

The Education Endowment Foundation was set up in 2011, with a £125 million grant from the Department of Education. So, who are the Executive Team spending this money?

Chief Executive

Dr Kevan Collins, Chief Executive, PhD in Literacy Development


Eleanor Stringer, Grants Manager, BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Emily Yeomans, Grants Manager, BSc Biology, PGCE Science

Matthew van Poortvilet, Grants Manager, no information


Camilla Nevill, Evaluations Manager, BA Experimental Psychology

Elena Rosa Brown, Evaluations Officer, MA Psychology and Education

Sarah Tang, Evaluations Officer, MSc Economics of Education

Dissemination and Impact

Robbie Coleman, Research and Communications Manager, no information

James Richardson, Senior Analyst, BA Politics, PGCE Geography, MA Education, Culture and Society

Dr Jonathan Sharples, Senior Researcher, M Biochem, Biochemistry, PhD Biochemistry

Peter Henderson, Research Officer : BA History, MSc Public Policy

Sharmini Selvarajah : Deputy Head of News, BA Social and Political Science, MA Public Policy

Development and Communications

Stephen Tall, BA Modern History, MA Modern History

Rebecca Clegg. BSc Marketing

So, my question is this. If none of the people who run the Education Endowment Foundation have any qualifications in Mathematics or Statistics, exactly whose expertise are they following? Would they know if they’d made an error? You might say, well they’ve obviously asked the experts, but the experts are Mathematicians and they haven’t asked them, because, no Mathematician uses the ‘Effect Size’, so whose advice are they following? The learning of millions of children may depend on it.

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